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Unlock your Child’s potential.

English & Maths Tuition

At Redwood Scholars we provide individual tuition in groups of no more than 5 students per tutor.  Each session lasts one hour and twenty minutes and is divided into a number of carefully selected activities to match your child's needs.

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Classes for Home Schooled Students

We deliver three hour long morning English and Maths  programmes for home schooled students to provide them with support and enhance their academic potentials. The classes are attended twice a week and available term time only.

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Montessori Workshops

As keen followers of Montessori philosophy in Early Years education, Redwood Scholars offers two and a half hour long educational workshops for children age 3 to 5. Children attend them twice a week to build skills and enhance independence in learning. The workshops are available term time only. 

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Professional Educational Services for 3 to 16 year olds

In our Centres, qualified teachers provide high quality and structured tuition in English, Maths, 11+ and Entry/Scholarship Exams, classes for Home Schooled students and Montessori Workshops for young learners.

Quality Learning Programmes

We aim to teach our students the way they learn best: through sheets, computer activities, educational puzzles and highly visual and sensory tasks if they show signs of dyslexia.

OFSTED registration 

Being registered as a child care provider, we follow OFSTED quidelines for policies and best practice to ensure the safety, security and high quality provision for all our students. 

Free Assessment

Find out how we can help your child: give us a call on 01777 85 43 43 (Retford Centre) 

or 01302 94 32 74 (Doncaster Centre) and book your Free Assessment.  We will advise you on the best way to support the academic development of your child. 

Parents/Student Feedback

"Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me, you have really made a difference.

Thank you,"

Freya, Year 5

"Thank you so much for your help! I've passed my recruitment test!  I can now be a warfare specialist!"

Rebecca, Year 11

"Daniel passed his school exams with flying colours, coming top of the class in the first exam and second position in the next.  As a result he has been moved up to the higher set..."

Nicola, Daniel's mum

Get in touch!


74A Bridgegate

DN22 7UZ Retford

113 Thorne Road

DN2 5BQ Doncaster


Retford Centre: 01777 854343
[email protected]

Doncaster Centre: 01302 943274

[email protected]

Centre Hours

Monday to Saturday

Sun: Closed

Monday to Saturday

Sun: Closed