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How we tutor our students

At Redwood Scholars we provide individual tuition in groups of no more than 5 students per tutor.  Each lesson lasts one hour and twenty minutes and is divided into a number of carefully selected activities.  During their time in the centre, each student follows an individual programme based on the results of the initial assessment.  

After the lesson, a tutor provides each parent with a short feedback on progress, explains areas to concentrate on and sometimes may ask you for additional support at home, e.g. if your child needs some practice on times tables or spellings.  All our students receive homework to revisit concepts taught during the lesson and revise.

We believe that for the child to make the best progress, tutors need to work closely and in partnership with parents, keep them informed of all the achievements to celebrate as well as difficulties still to overcome.  Sometimes it means having a chat with your child or doing some extra work at home. All this to ensure the smooth and well-paced progress.

Our students are re-assessed, on average, after 15 to 20 lessons.  Based on our experience, this is the minimum time that is required to show noticeable improvement.  Upon the completion of the re-assessment, a more detailed feedback is given to parents and their individual programme is amended if required.

We aim to teach each child in the way that suits them best: some children learn by doing and may benefit from educational puzzles, some love technology and are highly motivated by using online resources, some love paper and pen.  As a rule, we deliver each individual programme as a mixture of various learning methods to achieve the best academic outcome.

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How can anyone paint who cannot grade colours?  How can anyone write poetry who has not learn to hear and see?

Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952)